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Bloating SOS

Bloating SOS

The first powdered solution designed to relieve bloating and water retention.
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Tackles the root causes of bloating and water retention, such as poor digestion and fluid buildup, helping you maintain a balanced and comfortable daily routine.

A simple addition to your daily routine. A delicious, easy-to-make beverage that helps reduce bloating and maintains optimal gut health!

Make it your daily ritual:

  • Mix 1 scoop of Bloating SOS into 8 oz of water
  • Enjoy warm or cold
  • Enjoy every day for best results

Lasts roughly 30 days with daily use.

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How to use
  • Add to 8 oz of warm or cold water

    Add to 8 oz of warm or cold water

    Add one tablespoon of Bloating SOS to warm or cold water and stir until dissolved. 

  • Use daily as part of your routine

    Use daily as part of your routine

    Consistency is key: Our Bloating SOS powder should be consumed every day for optimal results like improved digestion, increased metabolism, and reduced water retention - make it part of your daily ritual!

  • Get results, fast

    Get results, fast

    Forget about the bloating. Our Bloating SOS helps you feel less bloated fast, with many consumers reporting feeling relief within an hour.

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How Bloating SOS works
Absorbs faster than pills 

We opted for a powder instead of a pill for its easy digestion and fast absorption, so you can feel relief, fast!

Helps you digest 

Digestive enzymes help break down proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and lactose, making digestion more efficient and alleviating gas and bloating.

Powered by nature

This combination of all natural ingredients helps support digestive capacity, liver detoxification, water retention and metabolism.

Easy on your hormones

Bloating SOS is hormone-free, endocrine disrupting chemical-free and relies on plant extracts instead of artificial sweeteners and dyes.

Naturally powerful ingredients, backed by science

An evidence-based powerhouse for bloating relief. Never with endocrine disrupting chemicals!


Supports weight management by boosting metabolism

Milk Thistle

Promotes liver detoxification by enhancing its ability to process and eliminate toxins, including hormones like estrogen.

Digestive Enzymes

Help you break down the foods that cause bloating

Better than pills

Our powder performs better than supplements and other symptoms reliefs on every level.
See why below!

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Gut friendly
Easy to take
Long-term relief
Easy to take
Long-term relief
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