This is not only my story. This is the story of 3.3 billion women

Glow Botanica opens with an account of my own story. I have a vivid memory of being in the boardroom with my three male partners at the company I used to work at. I recall bending down in excruciating pain due to extreme PMS symptoms.

My hormonal imbalance started at the age of 21, with fibroids - a very common condition - but it can be painful nonetheless. I had my first surgery to remove fibroids at that age.

At 23, I started having very painful periods and by the time I was 28, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. I lived in some form of pain around 40%-60% of the month. By the time I was 37, I had gone through three further surgeries and became part of the 1 in 10 infertile club.

By talking to other women and doing research I realized 80% of us go through hormonal dysfunction related conditions. That’s 3.3 billion women on earth. There are over 150 symptoms when we go through hormonal life stages, and there are incredibly powerful natural ingredients, drug- free. Providing natural relief products and knowledge can change someone's life.

This was my inspiration for creating Glow Botanica.

My goal is to empower you to take control of your life and provide natural solutions at hand you can trust so you can live your best self.

We all need to break this silence and the collective misconception of shame about hormones. We all have hormones, and they are incredibly powerful when managed well. Your best self is the strength that keeps me going. Thank you for trusting me.



Ana was driven to create natural solutions that support hormonal imbalances and symptoms, no matter the age or phase of life, without the side effects of what the pharma industry currently offers.


Her interest in the hormonal space morphed into much more with Hormone University which is an educational platform with the mission to improve hormone health through accessible knowledge and to advocate for social impact in our communities in an effort to share what she was learning about hormones with other women. 


After two long years of research and very hard work and thanks to gynecologic oncologist and pelvic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Poynor, lead scientific advisor to Glow Botanica, they managed to create a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy giving birth to Glow Botanica.

Our Advisors

Patient advocates, scientific innovators, and thought-leaders in the fields of medicine — traditional and holistic — wellness and lifestyle, beauty, food science, and beyond, make up our board of experts.